Crop Images Before Upload With JavaScript

In this 3 minute tutorial we use CropGuide, a JavaScript image cropper, to crop images before they’re uploaded to our server without making any changes to existing file upload code.

For this tutorial we’ll assume that a form with a file upload field has already been set up.

Our goal is to add image editing to this field without having to modify any existing code.

Why help your users Crop Images?

When we optimise images before uploading, we not only get better images, we also get more images because there’s less users that will exit our form out of frustration.

Using CropGuide to Crop Images

In this tutorial we’ll use CropGuide as our JavaScript image cropping solution.

CropGuide helps with:

Installation only takes a couple minutes and requires two steps:

  1. We create a CropGuide account

  2. We add the CropGuide <script> to our webpage

  3. Done!

CropGuide now automatically intercepts each file upload and offers an image editor to the user. We can set our image requirements in the CropGuide dashboard.

Important: Images aren’t uploaded to CropGuide, image editing happens in the browser which is great for privacy and performance.

This is what our code looks like.

<!-- The existing file input somewhere in our form -->
<input type="file" />

<!-- The script tag we just added to our page -->
<script defer src=""></script>

Try out the image editor by selecting an image below. Images are edited in the browser, nothing is uploaded.

While this is a very basic file input, CropGuide works just as well with advanced JavaScript file upload libraries.

NoCode Image Cropping

CropGuide can be installed and configured without any code changes, making it perfect for use with NoCode services.

It has been tested with popular tools like Bubble, Shopify, Webflow, Weebly, Squarespace, and Carrd. It just works

It’s also suitable for products like WordPress. Follow this WordPress tutorial on how to add the CropGuide script tag and get image editing on your WordPress form.

If a user can upload an image on your website, you can use CropGuide to offer image cropping.

Wrapping up

We’ve added image cropping to our website by inserting a single script tag on our webpage. There was no need to edit any server logic, or adjust any JavaScript, saving us lots of time.

Our users can now more easily upload images, resulting in higher quality images and more images uploaded. We save time correcting image problems on the server and helping users prepare their images.

If you’re looking for a more tightly integrated image editor solution with a bigger featureset then Pintura is be a great fit.

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