Use the JavaScript EyeDropper API to select colors on the web

The EyeDropper API just landed in Chrome Canary. In this is a mini tutorial we’ll quickly look at how to use it in our web apps to select colors.

Let’s get to it, the API is fairly straightforward.

We create a new EyeDropper instance and can then ask it to open the eye dropper with the open method.

The open method returns a Promise that resolves when a color is selected, it rejects if the user cancels the color selection by pressing escape.

const eyeDropper = new EyeDropper();

try {
  const selectedColor = await;
  // logs: { sRGBHex: '#ff0000' }
} catch (err) {
  console.log("color selection cancelled");

You can test for support of EyeDropper using the following snippet, if you’re browsing with a browser that supports the EyeDropper API a button will be rendered below the code snippet.

if ("EyeDropper" in window) {
  // supported

There we go! Fingers crossed we can start using this in the near future.

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Rik Schennink

Indie Product Developer