Video editor

The video editor extension isn't included in the Pintura image editor product package, it's available as an upgrade on the pricing page

The extension currently doesn't support annotations, decorations, redactions, and frame styles.

The clientside video encoding is aimed at encoding short videos, it's strongly advised to use server side encoding for video's longer than a couple minutes.

Live demo of Pintura with video editor extension

An overview of the methods, properties, events, and export related to the video editor extension.

  • Properties

    A list of properties to read from and write to the current state of the video loaded in the editor.

  • Examples

    Examples showing how to use the Pintura Video Editor extension with the core Pintura library.

  • Exports

    The functions, properties, and defaults related to video editing that are exported by the Pintura Video module.

  • Server

    How to run FFmpeg on your server to transpile videos sent by Pintura.