JavaScript Video Editing in the Browser

Extend Pintura Image Editor with video editing capabilities, Set uniform requirements for both videos and images, offer your customers a fully functional media editor.

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This is a small subset of the available configuration options.

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We love working with Pintura - it has given us a shortcut to offering image cropping and stickers that would have been very difficult to implement ourselves.

A quick to implement and intuitive UI

Image editing and Video editing in one UI

The Video Editor extension adds what you need to quickly edit video's, fully functional on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

  • Clip, split, and trim

    Select the parts of the video you need. Set min/max video duration, trim around unneeded parts, as easy to control on mobile as on desktop.

  • Crop video aspect ratio

    Enforce a single crop aspect ratio or offer a range of aspect ratio options to make sure uploaded videos always fit perfectly.

  • Transform video

    Crop your video to perfection. Rotate, flip, and resize videos using the zoom control, mouse wheel, touchpad, or intuitive multi-touch interaction.