Package contents

Private npm packages

The PQINA private npm hosts the following packages.

  • @pqina/pintura
  • @pqina/react-pintura
  • @pqina/vue-pintura
  • @pqina/svelte-pintura
  • @pqina/angular-pintura
  • @pqina/filepond-plugin-image-editor

Example projects and locale files are available in the downloadable package

Installing Pintura npm packages

  1. Create a new file in your project root folder and name it .npmrc
  2. Copy the contents below to the file
  3. Replace $PQINA_NPM_TOKEN with your private pqina npm token as shown on the customer portal under your license details.

Pqina scoped packages are now automatically installed from the PQINA repository.

Downloadable Pintura package

The downloadable product package contains the following folders and files.

The pintura folder contains the Pintura Image Editor JavaScript Module, IIFE, and UMD builds as well as the stylesheet and the TypeScript declaration file.

The packages folder contains the components and helper files suitable for various project types.

The presets folder contains Pintura Image Editor example integrations with various frameworks and libraries.

The locale folder contains various locale files for Pintura Image Editor. If your locale isn't available in the default pack you can edit the files to support different locales.

  • README.md


  • locale

    • en_GB
    • de_DE
    • es_ES
    • fr_FR
    • nl_NL
    • ru_RU
    • zh_CN
  • packages

    • pintura
      • pintura.css
      • pintura.module.css
      • pintura.js
      • pintura.d.ts
      • pintura-iife.js
      • pintura-umd.js
    • pintura-input
    • jquery-pintura
    • react-pintura
    • vue-pintura
    • angular-pintura
    • svelte-pintura
    • dropzone
    • filepond
    • uppy
  • presets

    • javascript
    • pintura-input
    • jquery
    • react
    • react-typescript
    • react-native
    • react-dropzone
    • nextjs
    • nuxtjs
    • vue
    • angular
    • svelte
    • sveltekit
    • cordova
    • filepond
    • uppy
    • jquery-file-upload
    • dropzone
    • capacitor