• CORS errors

    How to configure your server to prevent CORS errors when processing images.

  • Using your license key

    Where do I enter the license key I received with my purchase?

  • Upload to S3

    How to use the store property on the default image write to upload to Amazon S3.

  • Change language

    How to change labels and icons to a different language.

  • Image orientation

    How to correctly orient the output image and keep the EXIF information in place.

  • Output undefined

    The editor processes images but when the output is received in the process event handler the dest property is undefined

  • Editor invisible

    The editor loads but does not show, the root element is there but no child elements are created.

  • Software rendering

    What is software rendering and how does the editor work on a browser that has fallen back to software rendering.

  • Unlicensesd version

    I've purchased a license but I still see the unlicensed version watermark

  • Editor factory usage

    Using a bare editor factory like openEditor requires setting additional properties.

  • Limit image size

    How to limit the size of the output image using the default image writer.

  • Fix text input issues

    How to fix issues with text input not working when opening pintura while in a modal

  • Using legacy data

    How to convert version 6 data to version 7.

  • Generate thumbnail

    Using processImage to create thumbnails alongside the output image data.