Browser and Device Compatibility

Pintura Image Editor works on all modern browsers and devices.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge 18+
  • Safari 10+
  • Opera
  • Chrome for Android
  • Firefox Android
  • iOS Safari 10+
  • Chrome for iOS
  • Firefox iOS

Polyfills are needed for:

JavaScript Module browser support stats

Safari 11 and 12

Global usage for these browsers is currently at:

Safari 11 0.05%
Safari 12 0.01%

To add support for these browsers we need to polyfill Pointer Events.

We can do this by downloading points.min.js from the repository above and adding it to our page before loading Pintura Image Editor.

Additionally for Safari 11 we need the Array.flat polyfill.

Include this Polyfill.io URL in your page to polyfill the Array.flat method.

<!-- Polyfill -->
<script src="https://polyfill.io/v3/polyfill.min.js?features=Array.prototype.flat"></script>
<script src="points.min.js"></script>

<!-- Pintura Image Editor Module -->
<script type="module">
    import * as pintura from './pintura.js';

Safari 10 and Edge 18

Global usage for these browsers is currently at:

Safari 10 0.01%
Edge 18 0.23%

These browsers don't fully support JavaScript modules and will require polyfills to function correctly. To make Pintura Image Editor work on these browsers you'll need to load the IIFE version or transpile a compatible version yourself.

We'll also need the Polyfills required for Safari 11 and 12.

To support Edge 18 we need to load the following additional polyfills:

  • Symbol.asyncIterator
  • HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.toBlob
  • Array.prototype.flat

Include this Polyfill.io URL in your page to polyfill both the APIs above.

<!-- Polyfills -->
<script src="https://polyfill.io/v3/polyfill.min.js?features=Symbol.asyncIterator%2CHTMLCanvasElement.prototype.toBlob%2CArray.prototype.flat"></script>
<script src="points.min.js"></script>

<!-- Pintura Image Editor IIFE build -->
<script src="pintura-iife.js"></script>

Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 is currently not supported.

Global usage for this browsers is currently at:

Internet Explorer 11 1.12%

We're surveying customer requirements, please let use know if you require compatibility and why.

Pintura Image Editor Version 6 does support Internet Explorer 11 and could be offered as a fallback.

Next step

We've checked browser compatibility, and have loaded the required polyfills, it's time to install the editor.